Monday, February 11 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Molly’s 4 1/2 birthday with Lemon cake and a song!  There were six bakers and from the taste that I had, the cake was divine.  Coming off of a snow weekend, these guys were crazy active and talkative.  After another tough circle, I need to remind myself that sitting in a circle at four and five years old is not necessarily appropriate practice.  I think I need to back off a bit and maybe set up specific seating.

Cassie and Keene had most of the work today as I took six kids outside to the mailbox on the southeast corner of 15th and Knott.  Oh, and it was in the pouring rain.  We checked out our envelopes to see if there was an address for the person we were sending our Valentine to, our address in case something was wrong and the envelop couldn’t make it to our addressee, and a stamp to pay for the trip.

When we got to the mail box, the kids knew right off the bat that it was a mail box.  When I asked them how they knew, I was told because it is blue and has the mail stamp on the side.  We noticed the lock on the door of the box and talked about who was allowed to open the box and what could happen if someone else opened it.  The kids did a great job waiting at the corners, crossing between the white lines, and listening when I had instructions.

When I was finished with both groups, kids were busy cleaning up or playing quiet games.  Some were working on Legos while others were into the Magna Tiles.  Both allow me to work on conflict resolution skills with the kids.

My thanks to Keene and Cassie for all of their help today!