Friday, February 1 - What We Did Today!

Today we had two helpers, Julian and Dominic.  Both boys are alumni and in fourth grade.  They wanted to help work with the kids.  The kids accepted them with open arms.

Outside, Cheryl was learning all about Yeti.  Then Una took over for her and waited very patiently while Julian and Dominic created a Yeti trap for her.  The others were digging or climbing, but soon they all came back inside.

We have been working at the sensory table with cloud dough, flour and baby oil, which is very soft and packs together well.  The kids seem just as interested in it as with bubber or playdough!

At the art table, the kids were making their own mittens out of paper for animals to come into.  We were checking out their tracing, cutting and gluing skills, but they were creating a home for animals!

This group has gotten very good at working together during quiet game time.  They usually end up in groups of about three, working with games, blocks or manipulatives.

At second circle, we read “My Community” about the different jobs in our neighborhoods.  We saw police, fire, vets, gardeners and many more.  We will be talking more about what jobs we would be interested in throughout February and March.  I am hoping we will be able to go to various job sites to learn more about each of the jobs they are interested in.  So far, we have ballet teacher, ninja, astronaut, police officer, horse, unicorn, and fire fighter.

My thanks to Rachel, Mark, and Cheryl for all of their help!