Wednesday, October 9 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Lucy’s birthday with a song and rainbow cake!  Lucy will be 5 on Sunday.

During first circle, I read, “We are All Alike, We are All Different!” a book written by Kindergarteners.  It is a simple way of comparing people.  We are all alike, we all have bodies.  We are all different some of us are tall, some of us are small, and so forth.  I am a strong believer in pointing out differences and celebrating them.  We will be continuing on this theme as we talk about where we live, who is in our family, what we like to play and other important parts of who we are.

At the art table, the kids looked in mirrors to see what shape their heads were.  Once deciding, Amber cut out the shape from their skin colored paper, they glued it onto a book cover, and finally checked out their hair and attempted to replicate it with yarn.  On Monday, we will complete these self portraits and hang them in the front of the room for everyone to see.

At the water table, we are washing babies.  This is a very soothing job not to mention fun.  So far, the babies are as clean as a whistle.

Outside, the kids were sliding, tree climbing, mountain climbing, and creating a fishpond.  It was a beautiful Fall day to be outside.

Inside, there was various types of building going on.  James and Leah were building with magna tiles while Oliver and Baker were building with blocks and a ramp.  The magna tiles were homes and the blocks a car exhibition with jumps and crashes.  Someone had built with the train tracks creating a nice passage through trees and bridges.

My thanks to Amber and Jessica for all of their help today!