Tuesday, October 8 - What We Did Today!

Today we had no tears, a full class, and some fairly happy kids!  The art table was set for creating Autumn trees.  There was not too much interest in this other than to paint glue or paint all over hands.  Maybe another time!

The babies in the water table were some of the cleanest babies I have seen in a long time!  The kids like squirting the soap onto the babies and then wash it off.  Emory did such a great job, she decided to dry her baby off and take it to dramatic play and tuck her in to bed.

Outside, there was some ladder climbing to get to the steering wheel at the top.  This is rather risky for some kids as there are not rugs all the way up the ladder.  They have to assess the situation, check in with their body, and then decide if they want to continue and reach for the wheel or let it be.  A great opportunity to practice being aware of how their body is doing.  Josette was digging in the dirt and filling a truck and trailer with the soil.  She had to work with the frustration of others wanting her truck.  She found a solution and moved on quickly.

Back inside, many of the kids have been using the instruments in the loft.  One I have noticed quite a bit lately is the little hand drums that are manipulated back and forth in your palms causing the attached bead to hit the front of the drum and then the back.  Zeke was having fun showing others how to make them work.

After lunch, kids were up in the loft using the instruments and Ruba picked up the guitar (even with missing strings) and played with them.  It sounded great and as the others heard the music, they joined in either playing or dancing.  This went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes.  It was wonderful to hear!

My thanks to Ruba and Christine for all of their help today!