Monday, October 7 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our morning meeting and read about all the different colors of skin.  We learnt that we are all a color of brown that can be mixed with red, yellow, white, and black so off we went to mix our skin colors.

The first six kids worked very hard to get the right mixture.  It is not an easy process, but they continued adding red or white or yellow to get closer to the correct color.  Once completed, they painted a piece of white paper completely with their mixture.  This will be used as the beginning of our self-portraits.

Dave was outside with at least four other kids.  Several were climbing in the trees.  James has found a favorite place to climb and then sit down on the fence, while Baker was more into climbing the ladder and swinging off.

At the water table, we were washing, powdering, and diapering baby dolls.  The washing was a hit as was the powdering.  However, the powdering started happening in the bath water rather than on the changing table causing more washing needed which then worked into a circle of wash powder wash powder.  It didn’t seem to get beyond that.

While waiting for snack to be set-up, the kids choose quiet games to play a lone or with others.  They are getting really good at this and it gives them another opportunity to check out the manipulatives available in the shelves.

My thanks to Dave for all of his help today!