Friday, October 4 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our morning meeting and shared our thoughts.  The kids are getting pretty good at this and raising their hands in order to have a turn.  Sometimes our conversation goes on for a while as everyone wants to weigh in on what someone else said.  We are starting to have some kids ask questions of others and creating a back and forth.

At the art table, the kids made leaf prints using leaves that I had brought in.  They were various shapes and colors and the kids had red, yellow and orange to work with.  As soon as one of them put all three colors on the same leaf, the others gave it a try as well creating some beautiful patterns.

We added other tools to the water tables soapy water, whisks, eggbeater, and a spoon!  This kept several kids busy as they attempted to create the largest pile of bubbles!

Outside, the kids were busy with various things when Baker discovered a worm in the garden.  Within seconds, Leah, Naiya, June, and Lucy were circled around checking out this amazing find!  Lucy and Naiya went even further asking to hold the poor guy. 

The rocks, dinos, and forest are still offering several different skits depending on the personality of the individuals around the table.  Today there were a couple of T. Rex types and then some calm triceratops.  I like listening to the scripts and seeing how the two sometimes mix.

For our last circle, we read, The Band New Kid by Katie Couric.  We talked a bit about how someone new might feel and what we could do to help.  My thanks to James, once again, for all of his help today!