Thursday, October 3 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a tough start, so I headed outside with one of the sad kids and, of course, five followed.  They were busy climbing the slide, going down the slide, climbing the rock wall, one coming down the rock wall, digging in the dirt, and digging in the sand.  That is a lot of gross motor work going on as well as imagination.

Once everyone had calmed down a bit, I went back inside to see what was happening throughout the classroom.  The play dough was busy being squished and mushed, rolled and patted, and cut and shaped.  The art table was using brayers to cover fall leaves with paint and then taking a print by placing a piece of paper over the leaf and rubbing.  Grace was sticking to red while Elise added several layers of colors to her leave before making a print.  Antonia preferred taking a print of her hands!

We are still blowing bubbles in the water table.  This group seems to look forward to it as soon as they enter the room.  Two kids actually figured out how to make the bubbles with the straw today.  Boy, were they proud of themselves.

The gym has become Animal Kingdom live with cats, sharks, horses, and, of course, the several Elsas and Annas.  Lunch has been going better as the kids are getting use to the expectations of sitting and eating for at least 15 minutes and packing up their lunches when they are finished before going off to play.  I am hoping to get them closer to 30 minutes eventually which will allow for more conversation at the tables not to mention more food intake!

My thanks to Erin and Omari for all of their help today!