Wednesday, October 2 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a fire drill.  With everyone here today, it was great practice.  We also talked about the fire extinguisher when someone asked about a small fire.  We have fire drills monthly and if you are parent helping, your job is to take the sign-in book and usher kids to the staircase (fruit parent) or usher kids to the staircase (carb parent).  This information is on the side of the refrigerator.

At the art table, the kids were drawing on coffee filters with felt pens and then spraying the pen marks with water.  It was great to see how they were experimenting with different colors or drawing before spraying.  They even noticed that when they left their pens on the paper, the ink start sucking into the paper fibers.

The water table is full of warm bubbly water, and we are using straws to blow bubbles with.  There were tests to see who could make the largest bubble or the largest bubble mountain.

The dry table with rocks and dinos in it is very popular.  It may be because there are so many dino lovers or it may be because there is a rampage of dinos running wild through the table!  It is always interesting to watch and listen to the different skits that are created in this sensory table.  For some, it is about the rocks and discovering pyrite or jewels.  For others it is a skit involving a nice dino family and there need to leave the valley (yes, that is already a movie!)  And then there are the rampaging dinos capable of moving large rocks and dropping them on other dinos or people. All are valid and important in development, but they are also very different.

On our way from the gym to lunch, pastor Mark stopped us and asked if we would like to hear the drummers.  So, we followed him upstairs and into the sanctuary where Circle of Hope was playing and singing.  We practiced the beat while listening quietly.  It was a great extra for us to see and hear!

My thanks to Josh and George for all of their help today!