Thursday, October 10 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids were busy with many different things.  The baby wash has been fun for all.  Grace washed her baby doll then asked me for a towel to dry her baby.  From there, she took her directly to dramatic play and tucked her in.

We tried our Autumn tree pictures again with a much better result.  Grace, Elise, and Antonia all created some beautiful trees.

Zeke started a train track and Kit added to it when he was finished.  Along came Emory and she added another large part and was working with her trains.

Kit and Thaddeus were making music up in the loft and dancing.  There are several musicians in this group, and I love watching them pick up an instrument and create! 

Lennox wandered into the kitchen area where Kit was working, and before he knew what was happening, Kit was busy serving up course after course of food.

The costumes have become very popular in the gym.  We have had lions, cats, sharks, horses, Elsa and Belles so far, and that is only the top of the costume bin!  Imagine what we will see when they get into the middle and bottom of the bin.

Josette was busy outside digging and planting.  With work gloves on, a shovel, and a watering can, off she went from one area to the next digging and planting.

The kids are beginning to get used to our schedule for the day.  They look forward to gym and can now stay sitting at the table for lunch for 15 minutes.  When parent helping, if you see something or think of something you think may be beneficial for these kids, please don’t hesitate to tell me or suggest a change to me.  I am very open to ideas and appreciate your input.  Thanks for lending me your most valued item.  I learn so much from them!

My thanks to Margaret and Nic for all of their help today!