Tuesday, October 1 - What We Did Today!

Today we busy everywhere!  At the water table, the kids were making bubble mountains by blowing through straws into the soapy water.  This was a hit and many kids went back to this over and over.

The art was a step up from their liquid watercolor leaves.  They had so much fun with the leaves and droppers, I thought they would enjoy coloring with felt pens and then dropping water on top.  This is especially cool when they take a moment to notice what the colors are doing as they bleed into the filter paper.  However, as often is the case, they weren’t very interested, so we shifted to playdough to the table and started snack on the other table.

Playdough is always popular with all types of personalities.  There is the option to converse with others at the table or work quietly on your own.  You get to create what you imagine rather than something someone else dictates.  It works the hand muscles for better control and finally, it is a sensory dream that calms the angry, the frustrated, the sad, and the excited.

Dress up is popular with various kids along with cooking and other dramatic play choices.  I enjoy watching what the kids put on as well as the story line that goes with it.  Today in the gym, the dress up bin was being rummaged through the entire time.  We had princesses, cats, lions, horses, and sharks to name a few!

Many of the kids have been taking on the number puzzles.  Each puzzle is a number and that number is the number of pieces and the number of items on the frame.  Zeke made it through 8 with much persistence and focus.  My thanks to Emily and Emily for all of their help today!