Tuesday, January 8 - What We Did Today!

Today we enjoyed another calm day as the kids moved around the centers working alone or with others.

At circle we talked about PJ Day happening on Thursday.  We will have a great time.  Each of the kids let us know which pajamas they would be wearing.  They are getting pretty excited!

At the water table, the ice bergs and Arctic animals have been of interest.  This group is mainly interested in saving the seal frozen in the ice.  They also seem to see this as an opportunity to test their ability to keep their hands submerged in icy cold water.

We painted with colored ice at the art table, testing various types of paper to see which we liked best.  The colors were beautiful, and the kids jumped right in some using their hands to hold the ice cubes while others stuck with the stick to manipulate the ice.

We are so lucky as a school to have so many artist parents.  Today, Josh was here and while the kids were working with bubber, he was sculpting a head using the same tools the kids had.  No one was trying to copy him, but they were watching and noticing how he used different tools.  Definitely a cool learning environment!

The dry table with its’ flax seed and construction vehicles was building new roads.  Knox, James and I were using different trucks as we worked on the road.  Knox could name everyone of the trucks and tell me what they do.

My thanks to Allie and Josh for all of their help today!