Monday, January 7 - What We Did Today!

Today there was an enormous amount of energy.  We did some stretching and breathing and before gym, we did some yoga to help calm everyone down.  Half way through gym, I could hear the kids slowing finally.  They weren’t as loud and were moving at a more normal pace.

Circles were a bit tough, but we were able sing at one circle and each of the kids had an opportunity to share orally with the class.

At the art table, we were painting with colored ice.  We ran into some problems when it appeared we were only going to get clear water on the paper.  However, we were able to somewhat fix this later on.

Many of the kids were working with the bubber.  It has a very different feel to it than play dough and the tools work differently with it as well.  The kids seem to enjoy the feel of it compared to play dough. 

The water table has ice bergs, Acrtic animals, and cold water.  We have talked a bit about why the water is so cold as well as where the ice goes.  Once again, we put the thermometer into the water and watched as, first, the red line moved down and then after taking it out of the water, it moved back up again! 

Outside, the kids were digging for worms and with Violet’s help found many.  River told me they put them in the hot tub!?  Needless to say, there were many happy kids walking around with squirmy worms and a big smile!

My thanks to Kristen and Violet for all of their help today!