Friday, January 4 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Addy and Eliza’s 4 ½ birthday with chocolate cake and a song.  The kids helping with the cake did a great job as the many empty plates showed!

In circle, we talked about “Yeti”.  I asked the kids what they knew about Yeti.  The list we ended up with was rather confusing for me.  Here is an example, “they’re brown and furry,” “they’re white,” they’re blue and furry,” “they eat cookies,” “they eat people,” “they eat bunnies,” and “they eat leaves.”  About the only thing they agreed on was that they were big.

I suggested we do some research for factual information which we will continue on Monday.  Of course, this didn’t stop them from creating more traps outside.  Especially, given the excellent Yeti substitute they had available!  Brad was outside the entire day being overtaken by Yeti traps.  Thanks to him, many of your kids will sleep well tonight!

Inside, I had mixed up a secret potion containing Epsom salts and hot water.  The task was for the kids to draw a picture or design on their paper and then paint over the picture with the potion.  Of course, the secret potion took a while before it dried leaving a frosty look on their papers.

The water table complete with ice, water, and winter animals created some good back and forth when it was discovered that two animals were trapped inside the ice.  How to get them out?  How did they get there to start with?  Different thoughts were tossed around when one of them was halfway out of the ice.  They noticed that the ice was melting into the table allowing the animals to get out.

With another group, we were talking about the temperature.  They were sure the water was colder than the ice.  We used a thermometer to see the change between outside, in the water and on the ice.  My thanks to Brittni and Brad for all of their help today!