Thursday, January 31 - What We Did Today!

Today we expanded our story, The Mitten, by making our own mittens and adding various animals to them.  This was no easy task!  The kids had to trace a mitten, difficult for many.  They had to cut that mitten out, again difficult on so many levels.  Finally, they had to glue the edges together, so they had a way for the animals to crawl into the mitten.  If your child brings home a mitten, be sure to ask them to tell you the story.

Outside, much was going on.  Allie had many helpers spraying the outside on the windows while she squeegeed them.  This got them to thinking about washing cars and soon, many were finding cars to wash in the bucket.  There was also digging, sliding, and climbing in the glorious sunshine!

There is a new texture on the sensory table, cloud dough.  It is made from flour and baby oil.  It’s nice on your hands, and if you can stand the smell long term, it is worth working in.  We were building and making textures with it today.

Seyi and Elliette were acting out the mitten using the animal masks set up in the front of the room.  It was fun to watch as they told the story by memory.  No one joined in, but they didn’t seem to mind. 

One of the longest train tracks we have had at preschool was built by several kids.  It extended from the closet doors to in front of the discovery table.  They are doing such an amazing job working together smoothly! 

The plastic tubes have been very popular with this group.  Some of them put them together for, surprise, surprise, guns, but today, they were snorkels, hamster tubes and mazes.

My thanks to Josh and Allie for all of their help today!