Thursday, January 3 - What We Did Today!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with those you love!  I missed these kids so much

The kids did a great job today.  There was a little uncertainty as they attempted to join others to play.  Some needed my help with the words while others chose to play alone for a while.

The water table has blocks of ice floating in water along with Artic animals.  The kids told me they were going to break up the ice into small pieces.  When I asked what the polar bears would do without the ice, I was told that they could float on the small ice cubes.

Bubber, the strange sand/play dough mix, brought several kids to work with various tools flattening, cutting, and squishing.  Baker was making an interesting noise while running his cutting tool back and forth across the mix.  When I asked him if he was a work truck, I was told very clearly that he was working with the tools.

The art table was set with a box of different paper types, shapes, and sizes along with other media for collage making.  Although not popular right away, several kids eventually made their way over to the table to create a collage.  Lisette added a whole different realm when she used the glue container lids as part of her collage!

There was a lot of cooking in the dramatic play area where Elliette, Seyi, Cordelia, and Oliver had been working on many culinary creations.  Fruit salad with maple syrup, eggs with hot salsa, and salad with blueberries added.

A lot of activity was occurring in the car and truck area with Lisette and James building with blocks.  James added speed bumps to the road using blocks!  My thanks to Griffin and Josh for all of their help today.