Tuesday, January 29 - What We Did Today!

Today there were many kids outside with Griffin.  The play structure was a boat and as it pulled away from the dock, Morrie had to run down the stairs to untie the block.  Then it was up anchor and off then went.  When I asked them where they were going, they said to find land.  I’m not sure if they ever found land, but they did make it in for snack!

At the art table, we had the primary colors of finger paint in the cups of a plastic egg carton leaving three cups empty for mixing.  The tools next to this were “palette” knives, plastic knives and craft sticks.  The kids were encouraged to put the paint on the boards or mix them in the egg cups before spreading the paint with the knives.  Lisette created a red sunset while Morrie and Harlan were busy mixing the colors on their board to make greens and purples.

The Bubber is disappearing and there is only a handful left, but how great it was to see three kids each working with enough bubber to create cookies and many other things.  No fighting just working with what was available.

The water table was warm water and whisks until I realized I had forgotten the soap.  Once added, the suds were constantly being renewed as one or several kids began swirling those whisks or blowing through straws.  At one point there were so many suds that it looked like a table full of snow!

In the dry table, there are some blocks and a basket of people in professional garb.  The kids settled in right away and built something for whichever professional they had picked up.  Baker built a nature center (his words) for a park ranger.  He also added a jeep for her.  Oliver decided to make a boat for her, but Baker said she didn’t need one so Oliver shifted immediately and made a boat for a firefighter.  We talked a bit about how he could use the water to put out fires on the land.

Others took the figures into other areas and created their own dialogs and games with them.  My thanks to Debbie, Bruce and Griffin for all of their help today!