Friday, January 25 - What We Did Today!

Today we showed awareness of Moebius Syndrome by wearing purple. Jessie went a step further and introduced us to moebius a geometrical shape like a link only before connecting, one end is twisted. He made a link and then cut it in half through the middle creating two links and taped them together. Then he made a moebius, but when he cut it through the middle, it made two moebius’ intertwined. Finally, he took two moebius one twisted to the right and one twisted to the left, cut them through the middle and – voila! He had two hearts intertwined.

No this has nothing to do with moebius syndrome, but the kids were fascinated, and it is one more way to use the term moebius, putting it out in the world.

I was outside most of the morning while Jesse worked with kids to make their own moebius shapes. Sebastian, River, Bash, and Bodhi spent the entire time I was out chasing each other around the play structure. This was carried out in the gym as well. Where do I sign up for that energy? River broke off and had an archeologic dig in the middle of the dirt area. He found an amazing design obviously from a prehistoric time period (or maybe yesterday) as well as a shark tooth and a white gem. Gus joined him to look for his own treasure.

In the water table, we had some water that I was trying to make as cold as possible by adding large chunks of ice. Then the kids were to put on a rubber glove, cover it with lard, and put a second glove over the top. I asked Josie to put both hands into the water and tell me which was colder. She quickly pulled her ungloved hand out of the water saying this one. Later, I was able to show them a polar bear who was lying on his tummy with arms and legs sticking out as far as they could go in the snow. This polar bear was too warm due to his blubber and two coats of fur.

My thanks to Trisha and Jesse for all of their help today!