Thursday, January 24 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a couple of new winter activities.  There were ice blocks, salt, and liquid watercolors in the water table.  The kids were able to see what the salt did to the ice once it was sprinkled on top.  The watercolors began to go inside of the ice block.  How did it get there?  Wonderful hands on science is the best!

The other activity was a bird feeder using large pine cones, lard, and bird seed.  If you were lucky enough to have a child make one of these, you will be able to enjoy nature in your backyard.

Outside, James and Lisette were busy creating first bug soup (a soup for bugs not made up of bugs), then they shifted to a bug spa, and finally, showing true Portland spirit, a mud man.

Inside, we had a large number of feral cats.  At first, not quite sure what to do, I found them their own place with food.  This worked for a while, but then they reestablished themselves at my side.  They were there for most of the day including gym when several morphed into other things allowing me some freedom!  Now that is staying in character!

During circle, we acted out The Mitten using hand puppets.  Next week, we will use masks and practice the retelling of this old Ukraine tale.

My thanks to Michelle and Melinda for all of their help today!