Wednesday, January 23 - What We Did Today!

Today I set up one of my favorite activities.  I post signs around the room that tell kids, no girls, no boys, no brown hair, or no blonde hair.  Usually, by circle time, there is an uproar about the signs.  This year, however, the only noise was Josie saying, “I don’t like the signs.”  Everyone else seemed to accept what they were told and followed the “rules.”  I wasn’t sure where to go with this, so I asked the kids if they knew what fair meant.  No one could tell me, so I explained that fair meant that everyone has an equal opportunity.  If no girls are allowed, is that fair?  If boys can’t use the hammers, but girls can, is that fair?

I read “Happy Birthday Martin Luther King!”  It talks about his early life as well as showing some of the rules that were different for people with light skin than for people with dark skin.  I asked if that seemed fair.  By the end of circle, they still weren’t tearing down the signs, but I hope they got the message and will help us remind society what is fair and what isn’t.

The rest of the day, with only eleven kids, was relatively calm.  At the art table, kids made bird feeders with lard and bird seed spread on large cones.  I think most of these went home, so enjoy watching as birds, or more likely squirrels enjoy the feast.

At the water table, there were chunks of ice, liquid water colors, and table salt.  I asked the kids to put salt on the ice and then add the color.  What do you notice?  They were having such a great time with the colors it took them a while to discover that the salt was melting the ice allowing the colors to go inside the ice.

My thanks to Brad and Violet for all of their help today!