Wednesday, January 2 - What We Did Today!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with those you love!  I missed these kids so much, I told my husband I had lost my joy.  Well, today I found it and it is your children!

The kids did a great job today.  They were busy working well together in almost every center throughout the day, including outside.  Angie was out the entire free choice time helping to test Yeti traps.  I think I had better look deeper into Yeti as a possible study.  They aren’t letting this one go!

The bubber was being cut, squished, and built with by up to six kids at a time.  It took a reminder about asking and offering bubber when someone joins in, but after that all was smooth.

There were ice blocks in the water table along with some winter animals and water.  Several questions came up about the icy cold water and the blocks change.  Of course, I had to throw out some propaganda regarding the ice melting in the North leaving less available for the polar bears and others to survive.

The art table was set up with some new collage materials and several kids took time to create interesting works of art.  I love putting a box of “stuff” on the table along with paper, glue and scissors and then watch comes out.

At the dry table, we were building with construction trucks.  We placed the appropriate signs of warning around the area and then began constructing.

At circle we were talking about winter and what activities we like to do in the winter.  Snow ball fights was the number one pick with building snow people are number two.  Here’s to some snow through the winter for the kids to enjoy!

My thanks to Aaron and Angie for all of their help today!