Friday, January 18 - What We Did Today!

Today we read “How Full Is Your Bucket” a book that explains to kids that we each have a bucket that is fills up when we are kind and helpful and empties when we are unkind or mean.  This is a concept the kids usually understand as they can see the drops in the pictures going in or coming out.  Then we drew pictures of how we fill buckets at school.  I will turn this into a book, and we can read it together.  I am hoping to create a stronger community among us.

Outside, Jake was a Yeti the entire morning!  I think he deserves some type of recognition for this feat!  Yay, Jake!

Brittni was working with the many soon to be movie stars within the classroom as they talked with her on camera about Addy and Moebius Syndrome.  Don’t forget, January 24 National Moebius Syndrome day so wear purple to support Addy!

The ice in the water table was being hammered, bashed, and nailed in order to break it up into smaller pieces.  The kids were constantly looking for new ways to make this happen.  One kid brought over a screw driver to hammer into the ice, another thought that the hand drill would be a good way to break things up.  Thinking, testing, and moving forward!

Second circle, we told the story of The Mitten with puppets.  The kids enjoyed watching as each of the animals crawled inside of the mitten.  On Wednesday, we will act the story out with masks.

My thanks to Jake and Brittni for all of their help today!