Thursday, January 17 - What We Did Today!

Today we made snow from shaving cream, glue, and white paint to paint on our trees.  I saw snow flurries, trees laden with snow and trees standing bare in the night, all of which are possible at this time of year.

During circle, 11 kids sat quietly in a circle while I read The Mitten.  They answered questions I asked about the story and theorized on what might happen next.  My Butterfly class can’t do this yet!  After gym, I brought it out again along with puppets of the characters in the story that also stuck on a felt board.  This time I acted out the story with the puppets asking kids what came next.  Their recall was great.  These kids continue to amaze me!

We added more snow to the snow table.  The kids helped to mix it up and then started playing again.  They like the way this snow feels.  Harlan put it into a basket and called it a cake while she wandered the room asking if anyone wanted some cake.  Several of the kids were using the snowplow to remove snow from the road ways.  Alicia who is from Colorado was telling me they don’t bring out the snowplows until there is a foot of snow on the ground.  I, of course, warned her of our dusting of snow which can shut the city down!

Alex, with James help, built an amazing marble run using the floor, table and stereo to get height.

At the Bubber table, we were practicing our shapes.  We cut out circles, diamonds, pentagons, triangles, rectangles, and y’s.  Oliver and Cordelia were creating new food with their bubber – salami bread and strawberry blueberry cake.

My thanks to Alicia and James for all of their help today!