Wednesday, January 16 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about winter and what people do in the winter.  Then we wondered what animals do in the winter.  The kids came up with two ideas, camouflage and hibernation.  We talked a little about both and then headed to the art table to make a den for a bear and then add snow.  Most of this is set up much like a craft which is not where I was headed but was enough for some of the kids.  Others went the next step which was to make their own bears to add to the snowy scene.  I was so impressed with what they came up with!  They are all original works of art, no adult interference.

Outside Sebastian and Gus played with the sand and trucks for quite a while.  Tony hung with them throughout the cold until they were ready to come in.

Una asked if Pippa would like to play and when I told her I was sure she would, Una took her carefully around reading to her and caring for her. She came over to me and said that she remember that Pippa liked to dance. She then proceeded to show Pippa some of her dance moves.

The ice in the water table scaffolded to the next level as Liam ask if he could use a nail and hammer on the ice.  Once I suggested a few ground rules off he went breaking pieces of ice off the larger chunks.  He was joined off and on by others, also interested in hammering the ice.

In dramatic play, several kids were putting kitchen items into the bucket and pulling it up to the loft to dump there.  They seemed to have a plan, so I reminded them that it would be a lot of work to cleanup when they were finished.  They didn’t mind so on they went.  By cleanup time, they were not as happy, but they eventually managed to clean the loft and put things back where they belong.

The desire to build is huge with these kids and they are working on building something specific.  They use Magna tiles, Legos, straws and connectors and Duplos.  There was a boat, house, plane, and a two wheeled cart!  This is done not only during quiet game time but also throughout the day.

We are still having difficulty at circle, but we will continue to work on listening and following directions.  My thanks to Rachel and Tony for all of their help today!