Wednesday, January 9 - what We Did Today!

Huge energy day today. What? In this group? I know, but the good news is it is usually a happy energy without ability to listen to anyone over 4 feet tall! We talked about ice and what we had done with ice. Rowan and others let us know that ice was really frozen water. Margot reminded us that ice melts when it gets warmer. At the art table, I was working with the kids on a project. There were many layers to the project including measuring, cutting, fine motor skills, and patience. We were making crystals out of borax. We measured with a ruler and with a measuring cup. We slowly stirred the borax one spoonful at a time, into boiling water. We continued stirring borax into the water until it no longer disappeared, saturation, then added a snowflake shaped pipe cleaner. As the water evaporates, the borax will join together onto the pipe cleaner creating crystals. Circles were difficult again, but we will keep pushing onward! I started reading a chapter book, Polar Bears Past Bedtime, a Magic Tree House book. If you are not aware of Magic Tree House, look into them. They are a great way to move into chapter book reading with your kids. Kids love them, and they learn some amazing things. Several kids headed to the marble run today, building smaller versions to test. Sometimes this leads to collaboration which is always nice. Legos are another opportunity to talk with each other while building individually. My thanks to Tony and Lisa for all of their help today!