Friday, September 28 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a total of 15 kids for the first time this year.  And, yes, three more kids do make that big of a difference.  Una brought in some leaves for us to see and compare and then Bash showed us a praying mantis and a butterfly he had in a bug catcher.  We were able to take the praying mantis out of the catcher and put him into our big aquarium to observe.  What a great opportunity!

Inside, much was going on.  Sensory wise we had chocolate play dough, fishing in the water table and searching for brown things in the dry table.  Most of the interest was in the dry table.  While using the tweezers, they picked up various brown items hidden among the chestnuts.  Great practice for their fine motor skills.

The art table was another activity meant to work their fine motor skills.  There were crayons and pencil sharpeners along with waxed paper and an iron.  Sharpening the crayons creates small flakes of wax that drop onto the wax paper.  These were folded and ironed by Jeff and then passed back to the kids.  The process of the sharpening takes much control of the fingers.  The kids then could cut their paper into any shape they wanted and then add a string to hang them up.  Many of the kids decided they made great necklaces by punching two holes into the paper and adding the string.  Very creative!

In the dramatic play area, Una was busy making sandwiches while Addy was busy eating sandwiches.  Liam and Simon were creating different ramps to run cars down.  Margo, Una, Simon, and Liam were busy building the marble run without any adult intervention.  Later, Margo, Molly and Rowan were working on the structure and had added much to the original structure.  Our new student, Lex, moved among everyone with much confidence.  He is a great addition to our class!

My thanks to Jeff and Rachel for all of their help today!