Thursday, September 27 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a wonderful day with some opportunities to work on conflict resolution skills!  As I have said before, this group is amazing, they keep themselves busy, help clean-up toys even if they did not play with them, and they line up so quietly you’d swear they were Kindergarteners.

Inside, the fishing poles are still popular, even though I have to untangle them two to three times a day.  Kids are catching fish, counting fish, attempting to catch certain colored fish, and seeing how many fish they can get on the hook at one time.

The chocolate play dough is still being squished, patted, rolled, and cut into various shapes.  I like to watch kids practice cutting with the play dough and scissors.

At the art table, we are sharpening crayons leaving shavings of crayons on wax paper.  We fold the paper in half and iron the shavings causing them to melt and mix and spread.  The kids can then cut the paper into a special shape and then hang it in the window where the sun shines through the colors.  This is not as easy as you think.  These kids are just beginning to strengthen their fine motor skills which is necessary to twist a crayon in a sharpener.  This did not slow them down one bit!

Many of the kids started out the day playing with the cars and track.  This tends to bring in about four or five kids in the same area.  There is always conversation, story lines and some disagreements.  A perfect set up for conflict resolution practice. 

Elliette was cooking for June and Baker while Oliver, Morrie, and Alex were enjoying the music from the CD player.  Cordelia was climbing the rock wall (up and down!) while Morrie and Alex were digging in the sand.  Seyi was totally into the crayon shavings project, spending most of her day there, while Harlan was there for a moment then on to new things.  My thanks to Ayo and Amber for all of their help today!