Tuesday, September 25 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Alex’s birthday with a song and strawberry cake.  It was actually very good.  The easel painting is with palette knives which I really enjoy watching.  Since it’s not a regular “thing”, it takes a moment to figure out what to do.  The technique leaves a very cool line of paint which holds a variation of the color being used.

Not explored much, the art table had warming trays and crayons.  The subtle warming of the crayon leaves a glossy almost paint like look.  While testing it out, Seyi discovered that if you forget and leave the crayons on the paper, they continue to melt leaving a puddle of color.  She was very excited about this possibility and continued attempting to puddle more crayons.

The dry table is filled with horse chestnuts and other brown things.  There are tweezers as well, to pick up different objects that are found.  The kids were very interested in this to start out, but I think the warm weather called out to them.

Harlan and June were busy making music in the loft which was a joy to listen to.  Harlan headed outside with the idea of catching some bugs.  When James heard what she was up to, he joined in and they spent the rest of the time digging in various places looking for bugs.

The playdough was brought out after the cake was finished.  It is one of my favorite tools to get kids to start conversations with each other.  Because they don’t have to make eye contact, they can be looking at what the are making, they are more comfortable talking to someone in the same area.  Not only does this promote language and conversation skills, but it is an easy way to find out about another kid without putting themselves in an uncomfortable place.  Many friendships are cemented with play dough!

My thanks to Melinda and George for all of their help today!