Monday, September 24 - What We Did Today!

Today we counted everyone to see who was missing.  Both Sebastian and Molly were still out on vacation.  I showed them what I found on my walk and had each of them choose one to look at.  We then came up with words to describe them.  We had round, smooth, spikey, and pokey to name a few.  The objects were various seeds – horse chestnut, pine cone, walnuts.  We will continue working on describing what we see and adding to our vocabularies for a while with the idea that it will help to make them more aware of what is around them.  At last circle, I read a book called “I Accept You for who You Are.”  A school age child thinks she would like to be special, but as she looks at the other kids in her school, she is able to see their differences and understands how each of us is important just the way we are!  Next week we will be beginning our books “All About Me” allowing us to notice and appreciate how we are alike and how we are different.

We started working with crayons at the art table today.  Many kids took some of the ideas they had tried with the chalk and applied them to crayons while others added new materials such as paper punches and fancy scissors.

River, Addy and Una were working with the magnetic letters on the writing table.  River likes to put letters together and then ask me what it says.  For instance, riaverthezew.  I always attempt to sound the word out which helps the kids to see that each letter has a sound and even if it isn’t a real word, we can still read it.

Outside there was digging, climbing, riding, and some planning.  Most of the kids were outside for a good part of the day.  Inside, Una was making sandwiches and tea, Rowan was digging in the sand pit, and Gus, River and I were working with crayons.  Liam and Simon were enjoying the fishing poles and Addy was holding Bill.  It was a busy day and the kids were awesome!  My thanks to Lisa and Brittni for all of their help today.