Thursday, September 20 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Eliette’s birthday with a song and rainbow cake.  Josh had several kids helping with the cake.  Considering we were following our allergy cans and can’ts and I forgot to get more vanilla, the kids seemed to enjoy it.  Of course, as Josh mentioned, there was enough sugar to make sure it was edible!

Outside, Alex and Morrie were busy with the roller coaster and the play structure.  They came up with different things they could slide down the slide such as tools and cars.  They were there for most of the day.

Inside, once the cake was finished, there was a lot of fishing going on.  These fish were not being cooked and eaten though, they were set free.  Various groups of kids are getting an opportunity to meet and play with new people by way of the water table.  Once discovering that they like the way another kid plays, they suggest to or follow the other to a new play area.

The chalk was not of much interest today letting me know that it is time for a new media at the art table.

The train track was set up and Elliette and I began creating a village around it to bring in some people.  This brought interest to others who one by one joined us.  First it was Oliver with a desire to run the trains, then Cordelia who added some houses, and finally a couple of more picking up trains to move around the track.

My thanks to Josh and Michael for all of their help today!