Wednesday, September 19 - What We Did Today!

Today we passed on our morning circle as I am waiting for everyone to be comfortable before sitting down first thing in the day.  Instead they were outside playing in the trees, learning to take turns, and helping each other to get the roller coaster car up the ramp.

Inside, many of us were busy at the play dough table.  We were practicing rolling, flattening, cutting, creating, and much, much more!  Gus was creating a person through out this process, River was making Pacman, Bodhi was finding the best flattener tool, Rowan was creating a plop, and others were just discovering how cool play dough is!  By the way, it’s my famous chocolate play dough!

The water table is stocked with fish and four poles.  There was much interest in catching fish with the poles, but even more interest in seeing what happens when you get tangled with your neighbor’s pole.

The art table is still set with chalk and some interesting possibilities for tools – cotton balls, Q-Tips, toothbrushes, and water.  Jake added a new idea by using masking tape to block certain areas causing a negative print.

Dramatic play was the scene of a luncheon as Una set-up the table and asked me to her restaurant.  She, Eliza and Addy had already spent much time setting up and cooking various foods.

River and Margot piled pillows below the loft stairs and jumped from the loft into the pile of pillows.  They were both enjoying this activity, so in the gym, we have been putting the crash pad next to the table and letting kids jump from the table to the crash pad.  This has become a favorite gym game.

My thanks to Jake and Kristen for all of their help today!