Tuesday, September 18 - What We Did Today!

Today was another amazing day.  Just be prepared for the newness to wear off in a week or two!  Okay, maybe it is because there are only eleven kids and we only had 9 today, but really, I am enjoying this calm and helpful group.  They are amazing at cleaning up, everyone helping everyone else to clean-up the area then move on to the next area instead of sitting down and letting others complete the job.  They are picking up on turn taking and waiting patiently.

We were able to model some strong “no thank you” as well as taking responsibility for hurting someone and making sure they are okay.  Most of this happens in the gym, which makes sense as it is less structured then the classroom.

Outside was beautiful today and we took advantage and played a lot on the play structure, digging, and the roller coaster.  Knox practiced climbing the rock wall while others were climbing the “mountain”.

Inside, the play dough was a favorite.  I saw so many different textures just watching what the kids were creating.  Baker was making fish bait, Alex was working on flowers, and Cordelia was flattening, rolling, and poking.

We will be working with chalk this week, so today, we painted our paper with water and then wrote with chalk.  The colors were so much more vibrant than without the water.  We also used other tools like cotton balls, Q-Tips, and tooth brushes.  Exploration of materials is what art is all about at this age!

My thanks to Griffin and Debbie for all of their help today!