Monday, September 17 - What We Did Today!

Sorry no pictures, I forgot my phone!

Today we celebrated Liam’s 5th birthday with lemon cake and a song.  Many of the group were helping with the cake which came out great.

I was outside for quite a while today watching Eliza and Simon enjoy the roller coaster, Margot and Bash dig for worms, Molly and Bodhi building in the play structure, Rowan and Liam climbing the trees, and Addy, River, and I checking out bugs on the pumpkin leaves.  The weather was lovely, and the kids were absolutely enjoying their time.

When I moved inside, I found Gus, Molly, Eliza and Margot working with chalk at the art table.  Margot had said that she wanted a wet paper.  We had a spray bottle of water, but I thought she meant totally wet, so I brought out a cup of water and a paintbrush to wet the paper with before adding the chalk.  This seemed to catch on and others asked for cups of water as well. 

At clean-up time, there was a lot of help from kids that did not make a mess.  I pointed this out and thanked them hoping that others might follow in their footsteps.  It worked, and the entire classroom was clean in no time.

My thanks to Brittni and Anthony for all of their help today!