Friday, September 14 - What We Did Today!

These kids did a great job again today.  They have just jumped right in.  We had a first circle that I held for too long, but they still managed to make it through.  I was reading Bodhi, Rowan, and Margot’s sand dollar reports.  As your child finishes up, be sure to bring the papers in as the kids enjoy having them read in circle.

At the art table, we had chalk, Q-tips, spray bottle of water, and toothbrushes to work with.  When I headed over to see what they were doing with this combination, I saw some great tests as well as color mixing happening.

We have been using some purple galaxy play dough donated to us by the Cram family.  There are glitter flakes and small glass stones mixed in the play dough.  There was a group of four or five making “plops”.  These appeared to be a round ball of play dough with two stones for eyes and an indented smile.  Rowan said they were plops because they go plop, plop, plop.

Outside there was the regular roller coaster group, but also a group of worm seekers.  I told the kids that I cleaned out the worm farm and added them all to the garden.  Well, that was all they needed to hear before heading out with a shovel and bug catcher to find worms!

We have been trying two other structured activities.  After clean-up, if the snack is not yet ready, the kids have “quiet game” time where they can play any of the manipulative games alone or with others as long as it is quiet.  So far this has been going well.  We are also “reading” books to ourselves or friends after snack.  This is a way to help them realize how a book is read.  My thanks to Jesse and Sara for all their help today!