Thursday, September 13 - What We Did Today!

Oh my gosh, I think this group is one of the calmest I have ever had!  Now, is that because there are only 11 of them and 3 adults?  Or are these kids just amazing?  I think a little bit of both!  We had a good start for our first day.  There were no tears although some sadness.  Everyone enjoyed their snack, and everyone helped clean up!  Here’s the rest of what we did.

Outside, several of the kids were enjoying the roller coaster.  The best part of this toy for me is the fact that it is kid generated.  The adults don’t need to set it up, and they don’t need to push the kids.  After first getting the right words to use for turns and realizing who is next in line, they keep track and handle any problems on their own.

Inside, there were a lot of kids moving around and trying out the various centers available.  Elliette and Seyi were playing in the car and train area with people, Alex was the only one to try out the chalk at the art table, James, Morrie, and Knox were working with the galaxy playdough, Harlan was busy painting the entire piece of easel paper with purple paint. Oliver, Morrie, Alex and Knox were building a wall with blocks, Baker set up the dinosaurs in the sand table and created a space including food for the beasts, Cordelia, Harlan, and June were testing out a new toy in the gym that is shaped like an arc with a padded top, and almost all of them took at least one turn jumping on the trampoline or jumping off the table into the crash pad!  Whew, I’m tired just listing this stuff!

My thanks to James and Ali for all of their help today!