Wednesday, September 12 - What We Did Today!

Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are all back!  I missed these kids more than you know.  They did an amazing job today playing together and separately, joining others and letting others join them.  The idea of a first circle was dropped within the first 10 minutes.  The majority of kids were outside checking out the roller coaster and I knew there was no way I would be able to get them inside for a circle!

Having made that decision, I had a great time going inside and out, watching and taking note of what was happening.  Outside, the kids were learning about turn taking and patience while they waited to ride the roller coaster.  Others were looking for worms.  The sandbox was busy as well.  Liam and others were building or rebuilding the play structure using lots of loose parts from around the yard.

Inside there was a band putting on a concert with original songs.  Rowan was the lead guitar (uke) and Sebastian was a drummer and percussion man.

Under the loft, Addy and Eliza were putting babies to bed and singing them lullabies.  Simon began to set up a train track and Rowan came a long to help out.  It looked fairly intricate.  Gus, Molly, and Josie were creating at the art table.  They had been given free range over the supplies and away they went!

We all ate snack together and then practiced reading before going to the gym.  My thanks to Rachel and Lisa for all of their help today!