Wednesday, August 8 - What We Did Today!


Today we had a visitor, Morrie, and his Mum and Grandma.  They were checking us out to see if we were a good fit.  They came at snack and spent some time looking around and then joined us in the gym.

With only four kids, we were able to do some things we might not have down with 15 kids.  We layered sand into some bottles to create designs.  The layers look great even though many ended up being shaken one way or another losing the layer effect.

They enjoyed the sand so much, that they wanted to work more with it so I brought out paper, glue, and colored sand in shaker bottles for them to design with.  One of them found a bowl of sand left over from last week’s project and wanted to add colored sand to it.  Next thing you know, everyone has joined in and everything available was being added to the bowl.  I heard “cake” several times and started to take a couple of videos which tell you all you need to know.  Be sure to check them out following the slideshow.

They worked amazingly well as a group.  They were asking for things, letting others add ingredients.  When they decided that there was too much water in the batter, but someone wanted to add more, she was told no more water.  She looked at them and said what about this and held up a spoon of shaving cream.  She was told yes and thanked.  Three and four year olds rock!