Wednesday, August 1 - What We Did Today!


Today we had a visitor, Olive, and her Mum and little brother.  They were checking us out to see if we were a good fit.  They seemed to enjoy our class and know a family who will be in the Caterpillar class as well.

We talked a wee bit about what was in the ocean.  Nothing new came up, so our ocean may stay the way it is.  We also have our ocean mural which is being used as a wall to create a small ocean in which we can be fish or sea creatures for dramatic play.

The art table was set up with the ingredients to make sand clay.  Sand is the main ingredient, but it also includes flour, corn starch, salt and water.  The mixture can be used to make sand castles that will dry and retain their form.  I think the enjoyment was mainly in the mixing and gushing!  I didn’t see too many sand castles, but I did see quite a few cones filled with sand clay, a table with sand clay showing various textures across it, and a glob of sand clay.

I was outside most of the day and enjoyed watching the kids try and learn new things.  Eliza decided she was ready to try the roller coaster.  Once down, she was in love with it.  Margot and Josie both had Rowan’s help climbing up the slide, I mean mountain, with the rope.  Rowan did an amazing job showing them what to do and then encouraging them while they climbed.  Addy climbed the stairs to the tree house where she, Rowan, and Margot discovered a spider in its’ web.  They stood there for several minutes admiring it!

My thanks to Brittni for all of her help today!