Tuesday, July 3 - What We Did Today!


Today we talked about what animals we know that live in the ocean.  The kids came up with several to share.  We looked at a book that showed animals from various oceans around the world.  We will be using this information to create two oceans in our classroom.  

The first one we have been working on is in the water table.  Today we added sea animals such as sharks, whales, crabs, and octopus.  Each week we have been adding something to the ocean.  To date, we have shells, rocks, sand, and animals.

The second ocean will be set up as a dramatic play area.  We started by using a piece of brown paper to make a mural.  Today we added sand and shells to the paper.

We continued our project from last week at the art table in order to give everyone an opportunity to make a votive holder.  Besides the shells, I included some small colored glass pieces to add to the clear jars.  Many more kids chose this activity this week.

The dramatic play area is set up with a camp fire, camping lanterns, and backpacks filled with camping gear.  There was only a little interest, but I hadn’t told them about it in the circle, so only the fire was noticeable.  Hopefully, it will pick up next week.

Of course, outside was the main event again this week!  The roller coaster has been great fun, an automatic opportunity for practicing waiting, fairness, and empathy.  No grown-up necessary to intervene, just watch, listen, and learn from the best!

My thanks to Jasmine and Mari for all of their help today!