Wednesday, July 25 - What We Did Today!


Today we had a visitor, Radar, and his Dad checking out the school.  The kids were very good at talking with him, offering him headphones, and playing together in the gym.

After talking about beaches and what things were on a beach, we set up the art table with things to make a “beach in a box”.  Several of the kids worked on this deciding what was important to add to their beach – sand? Shells? Fish? Whatever!  Chester added some tree bark I brought in to create a coral reef.

At the sensory table, we had one last chance to add to our ocean mural.  We had stamp pads and ocean stamps of sea creatures as an enticement.  Isla also added some hand prints from the stamp pad.

We added some sea sponges to the water table ocean.  The kids checked out the sponges all dried up and then put them in the water to see what would happen.  They were pleased to see how they softened up once the water was added.

All of the kids were outside at one time or another, but it was so hot most returned inside to play in dramatic play's camp site or the dry table.  The moon sand has been taking on new roles with the cups added.  Kids have been creating their own sand castles, adding shells for exterior show.  Sebastian made a beautiful spiral by pressing a shell into the sand.

Many towers were being built with the idea of knocking them down from the base.  A great concept, but they were having trouble finding appropriate tools.  My thanks to Kristen for all of her help today!