Superhero camp - What We Did This Week!



(an early training program for our younger superheroes)




A Superhero is truthful

A Superhero is caring

A Superhero makes good choices

A Superhero treats others as they would be treated

A Superhero is fair

A Superhero cooperates with others

Our superheroes are:

Lava Girl: also known as Aria Van Metre   

Ducky in a Pond: also known as Edie Cuellar  

Shark Boy: also known as Finn Van Metre                 

Volcano Henry: also known as Henry Curry

Peregrine Falcon: also known as Simon Darmofal 

As early justice league trainees, we worked very hard this week.  We learnt how to fly, we problem solved as a team to save the city from a huge bull trying to destroy our homes! 

When Batman and Superman were kidnapped, we followed clues to find them, taking out bad guys along the way.  

We saved babies from fires, moved enormous boulders, climbed some very tall mountains, and learnt some new kicks – front kick and roundhouse kick.