Wednesday, July 11 - What We Did Today!


Today we started circle counting the kids. We then contemplated where our other friends might be or why they might not be at school.  Most of the kids added their ideas to the conversation giving them a chance to be heard, practice talking in a group, and waiting for a chance to talk.

After circle the kids headed to their interest areas.  Josie and Isla each added to our ocean mural by finger painting plants onto the paper.  It now has sand, shells, and plants.  Fish and sea animals are next!

I spent a lot of time outside today where the roller coaster is still one of the most popular options.  What will I do when the mud returns?  Bring it inside to the gym?   Or will it become just another reason to get muddy?

The sandbox was also a place of interest for digging and finding spiders!  Isla and Sebastian found a big white guy who somehow ended up dead in the sand, but they continued looking!

The kids got hungry a bit earlier than snack time, so when Josie spotted some popsicles in the freezer, we decided it wouldn’t hurt to divide them amongst the seven kids.  They each quietly enjoyed half of a popsicle while I started getting ready for snack.

In the gym there was much climbing and hanging from the play structure with River, Rowan, and Addy each pushing themselves a bit beyond their comfort level to try new things.  Eliza found herself the owner of 3 cats and a pony all staying close to her for food and loving!

My thanks to Trisha for all of her help today!