Wednesday, June 27 - What We Did Today!


Today, with only six kids, we talked about the ocean.  We made a list of what is in an ocean so that we can recreate an ocean in our water table.  Last week the kids added shells and rocks.  Our list includes crabs, sea stars, sand, salt water, seaweed.  We will add more to our list throughout the summer.

We by-passed our first circle as I had a new toy set up outside which definitely grabbed the kids’ attention.  I knew it would be impossible to pull them all in for a circle when there was a roller coaster waiting outside for them.  An alumni parent reached me to see if we would be interested in this fun addition.  I jumped at the opportunity although I knew that storage would be difficult.  Her thought was for in the gym, but that would definitely be tough to store.  It comes apart, but I think it would still be difficult to put in the gym closet.  Hence, I set it up outside for now to see how it went over with the kids.

It is almost as far back as the sandbox and extends to the door.  The roller coaster car goes down the tracks and continues until it hits the old compost box.  The kids had a ball and before too long they were reciting whose turn it was making sure everyone was included.  Simon and Sebastian spent most of the morning outside with the roller coaster!

Back in the shady area, Rowan was setting up a tea table and invited several of us to join him.  We had sand tea and maple tea.  I personally prefer a dark tea.

Inside, Isla and River were at the sand table using the shells to create impressions in the moon sand.  Josie was the only one to work on a votive holder using shells and a jar.  It looks pretty cool.

There was a lot going on in the gym with jumping, riding, and dressing up.  Again, they were doing a good job remembering to ask if they could have something when the other was done.

My thanks to Angie for all of her help today!