Wednesday, June 21 - What We Did Today!


Happy summer!  We had a “first” circle at 9:45 for the first time and the kids did well.  Of course, it is always a bit easier when you have eight kids rather than 15!  We talked about what options were available and then I set them free. 

At the art table, we made sun visors to keep the sun out of our eyes when we were outside playing.  Josie was ready to test hers right away!  She, Sebastian and Liam were outside for a while playing in the sandbox or climbing, but it was so hot they didn’t last too long.

At the sensory table, we had trays of shaving cream.  Always a favorite with my sensory kids as well as some of the curious kids.  What is that?  What does it feel like?  What do you do with it?  Check it out and make your own decisions!

The water table just had water in it.  At first, some of the kids put farm animals in and then played out scenarios with bad guys and good guys.  They played very well together.  Then Eliza decided to make a beach with the shells on the rug. Once she started, I asked her where she thought she could have a beach.  She looked over at the water table and put in the shells.  She started to put other things into the water and I asked her if she would find that at the beach.  She said no and then found some rocks.  “These would be at the beach!”  And on she went.  Rowan immediately began helping her look for things that you would find at the beach.  We will continue with this thought next week as well.

At the dry table, I have a special sand.  It is great as a way to build sand castles without having to use water.  It holds its’ shape well.  Many of the kids hung out working with this medium together.

We had two more circles, one to sing and one to read, before going home.  Thanks for sending your kids, they make this so much fun.

My thanks to Rachel for all of her help today!