Wednesday, May 9 - What We Did Today!


Today we talked about our Butterflies.  Due to some mishaps, we are now down to two butterflies.  I waited to add them to the tent until I had time to talk with the kids about the expectations of holding the butterflies, moving around in the tent, and the number of people allowed in the tent with one adult.  Later, I brought kids into the tent two at a time.  Not everyone made it as they had other important things to do, like playing!

We also read a book called, “His Name is Joe”.  This is a story about a homeless man from the perspective of a child.  The book is based on the Sisters of the Road café in Portland where no one is turned away because of money.  They can pay for their meal by cleaning, washing or other necessary duties of the café.  I asked them what they thought someone might need to help their body stay healthy if they didn’t have a place to live and had to carry it with them in a small bag (think 8x8).  They came up with many ideas such as toothpaste and toothbrush, water, medicine, soap and shampoo.  We will be personalizing a small bag in which to put what the kids decide on then passing the bags on to Joyce in the church office for distribution.

Outside in the warm weather, most of the kids were doing one of two things, crashing trucks down the slide or climbing in the trees.  This is the first year so many kids have been about climbing trees!  I love it!  My thanks to Julianna and Kacy for all of their help today!