Tuesday, May 8 - What We Did Today!


Today we worked on a special project for Mother’s Day.  Shh!  The kids did a great job working on it and everyone was involved.  The weather was so lovely that Ginny was outside the entire free time.  Kids were building, climbing, and digging.  I was out for about five minutes and had to come back in, too hot for me!

Over the weekend, the butterflies came out of their chrysalides.  We had five yesterday and due to some mishaps three today.  The kids were watching them and asking about holding them.  I told them they would be able to hold them on Thursday when I put them into the tent.

Molly wrote her book today.  We will read it on Tuesday.  She is quite the writer!  She had many things to tell me about each of her pictures.

There were many musicians playing in the loft.  They were using sand blocks, rhythm sticks, and bells.

At the water table there was green water with clear cups, pitchers, and bottles.  I was served several cups of tea that was actually green (color not type.)

Finally, at the last circle, we read, “Room on the Broom”.  We have tried this before and it is just that little bit too long to keep 15 kids’ attention, but today, we made it through!  My thanks to Trisha and Ginny for all of their help today!