Thursday, May 3 - What We Did Today!


Today was a bit of a crazy day.  Mainly, I think, because I wasn’t able to get ahead of what was going on.  I felt that I was coming from behind fixing rather than helping kids problem solve.

I was outside for the first part of the day.  It was great to see what these kids have been doing!  Sara had told me Tuesday how well they were working together, and I was able to see some of that today.  We had many tree climbers, Stella, Bash, Josie, Adam, Margot, and Sebastian.  Some of these kids climb as high as the tree allows them while others are just beginning to feel safe on skinny limbs.  If you ever have the chance to watch this process, watch their bodies and their faces to see the ah-ha moments or the uh-oh realizations.  They are learning about their bodies and what they are capable of.

Rowan and Jubilee stayed out of the trees today and were building huts to stay in.  They created a pathway from one hut to the other.  They picked up heavy boards and trunks to place where they wanted them, building strength and confidence while allowing their creativity to be realized.

Molly and Bash were looking for worms to no avail.  I think the warm weather has sent them below, below ground.

Inside, some of the kids were making wind socks.  They are hanging from our butterfly near the sun and moon.  Josie and River were making music for us to listen to.  Addy and Bodhi joined them later.

My thanks to Lisa and Kai for all for their help today!