Tuesday, May 22 - What We Did Today!

Today the classroom was very mellow.  We celebrated Bash’s 4th birthday with a song and chocolate cake.  The cake was yummy.  I was outside for the first part of the morning and had a great opportunity to see several kids working in the trees.  Some were climbing, some were creating a “tree house”, and others were creating a magical world as Sarum the White! 

Inside, Nathaniel was working with kids creating various collages using small pieces of paper, scissors and glue sticks.  I am beginning to notice symmetry in their work.

The water table was green soapy water again with pouring tools.  Water and pouring is very soothing, and many kids are drawn to it as the day wears on.

The worms in the worm farm were hiding pretty deeply today.  I think because I left the extra sheet off of the farm.  They don’t like the light and will stay as far away as they can.

There was dramatic play going on for a long time involving several kids.  We had a visitor today and she was drawn to the dramatic play area and making supper.  She and Isla set out quite a spread!

The cars, trucks and people were working together in the building area.  Addy and Eliza had quite a dialog going on while using all of the above.

My thanks to Nathaniel and Lisa for all of their help today!