Wednesday, May 2 - What We Did Today!


Well, today was our field trip to the library.  The kids did great on the walk to and from the library with only a few shouts of “Where’s the bread!”  They did very well staying between the bread of our sandwich.

I have been taking kids to the Albina Library for years!  The children’s librarian there is Nina and she is amazing.  She always knows when it is time to stretch or sing songs – Josh, we heard the original version of “The Slippery Fish”!  She read several books which we enjoyed. 

On the way back to school, we found a bird house on the curb.  I asked the kids if they thought we should take it to school with us and they agreed that would be a good new home for it.  Of course, I had to explain that when someone leaves something on the curb, they are giving it away.

Back at school we had a little time while snack was being prepared to play.  I was outside with about seven kids who were working at various things.  Easton, Otto, Avery, and Marcus were building a tree house with the boards we have outside.  I was watching without directing only interjecting when I was concerned about the placement of the board for safety. 

Inside I noticed Mae working with the Tangrams, Barkley and Henry building with Legos, and Finn and Lillian building with Widgets.

At first circle, we checked our stem experiment to see what the job of the stem is.  We noticed that the leaves of the celery were red.  When the stalk was cut, we could see red dots showing where the dye had moved up the stem and into the leaves.  When I cut the celery the same direction as the veins, we could actually see the line of red dye up the stem.  So now we know that the seed has a baby plant inside, the roots take in water and nutrients, and the stem carries the water to the leaves!  I wonder what the leaves job is?

My thanks to Summar and Kymberli for all of their help today and Julianna for walking up to the library with us!