Tuesday, May 15 - What We Did Today!


Today Josie, River, and Addy wrote their books.  Before gym, we read My Family by Josephine Zoradi and “My Family” by Adeline Jones.  Then after gym, we read “My Family” by Isla Hall and “My Family” by River Seidel.  We hope that you will be joining us on Thursday at noon for our Authors’ Tea celebration!

While I was busy taking dictation for my writers, Rachel was outside with many kids.  She said there were about four different play scenarios going on sometimes crisscrossing, but not joining.  Rachel was outside the entire free time with kids coming and going.

Inside, Brittni was working with the kids to make invitations for the tea.  I had paint, soap, and water mixed together in bowls.  The kids job was to blow bubbles high enough to put their paper over the top and pop the bubbles on the paper.  It leaves some great patterns on the paper.

The colored water in the water table is being enjoyed with pouring, squirting, and some splashing.  I brought out the worm farm for kids to check out with the understanding that the worms had to go back into the farm rather than be carried around because they had a job to do.  They were surprised and excited to see so many in one place. 

My thanks to Brittni and Rachel for all of their help today!