Monday, May 14 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Lucy’s fifth birthday with a song and rainbow cake.  The bakers once again created a visual delight which I heard also tasted great.

Josh was outside the entire free time while kids came and went.  The only time I ventured out was to get recruits for a project.  Easton and Avery were building a helicopter in the trees.  They explained to me what it could do as well as let me know that I was floating in air right then.

The project was our bags for the homeless.  The kids drew pictures with magic fabric crayons and the adult helper ironed the picture on the bag.  Don’t forget, we will be filling our bags Wednesday and taking them up to the church office.

The butterfly tent had a few visitors today.  The kids are very gentle and get excited if their butterfly opens its wings to show them it’s beautiful colors.  After school, I released the two remaining butterflies, so they might have some life experiences.

We started out first circle talking about gardening and what the kids would like to plant in our garden.  Their list was pretty long with some good ideas.  We will start planting next Monday our last week of school.

My thanks to Kyle and Josh for all of their help today!